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Sales Representative real estate

We have a vision for a better world: Revive the power of your nature. And a unique concept that includes all elements for a self-sufficient society. Now we are in the preparatory phase, soon we will start building the different elements, from over 100 homes and utilities, to a school, hotel, restaurant and sports and game facilities. In short everything a family needs for a healthy, happy, and abundant life with the richness of nature, social wealth (with like-minded people), and the luxury of comfort. 

The houses are planned for future residents of Linya, people who want a second home in Linya, and investors who want to buy a house for rental purposes. The plan includes 4 different types of houses. From tiny houses (60 m2) and country houses (100 m2) to medium-sized (240 m2) and large villas (350 m2). This provides a housing solution for every home wish and different budgets. Since we are limited in the number of houses, the most important criteria that buyers must meet is that they subscribe to our vision “Revive the power of your nature” and pursue this way of living. Therefore, we are seeking for a sales representative to sell the homes as well as the underlying vision and new way of living.

Job description

What, where, when?

  • Site work: Linya and Barcelona
  • Starting date: January 1, 2023
  • Number of hours per week: 20 hours 
  • Monthly salary: to be agreed upon

For who?

Are you a sales talent who shares our vision and has a passion for innovative projects? This is your opportunity to contribute to creating a new world. 

The work includes:

  • Identify prospects, lead generation and conversion, working closely with community manager
  • First point of contact for prospects, new and existing customers
  • Relationship management, which includes discussing needs and opportunities, answering questions, communicating vision, follow up, etc.
  • Giving on-site tours
  • Creating reports based on key performance KPIs, optimizing sales performance, activities and campaigns

Basic qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience
  • 5+ years of experience in real estate
  • Possess a broad network in the real estate industry in Europe
  • Strong written and verbal communication and collaboration skills, fluency in Spanish/Catalan and English
  • Understanding of NFTs, blockchain technology, smart contracts, DeFi, and tokenomics is a plus


AMORIA STARS is the mother of the AMORIA family. AMORIA STARS participates in AMORIA’s various projects. Together, these projects include all the elements for a self-sufficient society.

Our vision: Revive the power of your nature

Our vision for a better world consists of 6 pillars

  1. Revive: get a new life
  2. The power of nature: health-enhancing place (nature, ley lines, water and mountains)
  3. The power of you: freedom, autonomy, using your own power
  4. Reviving the power of you: personal development; body, mind and spirit
  5. Revive the power of your nature: activation self-healing capacity
  6. Your nature: return to your own nature; your essence

Results in: Viver (epicurean): Pleasant and delightful enjoyment of the abundance that life offers

Join the club

Do you share our vision and would you like to contribute to creating a new self-sustaining society? This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Apply now.

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