About us

AMORIA STARS is the mother of the AMORIA family. AMORIA STARS participates in AMORIA’s various projects. Together, these projects include all the elements for a self-sufficient society.

Blue zone Linya | Energetic values | All the energy points for a happy healthy and abundant life

Our vision: Revive the power of your nature

Our vision ‘Revive the power of your nature’ consists of 6 pillars. All the projects are related to one or more of the pillars.

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Do you want to create a new way of life and a conscious economy with respect for people, nature and the environment? Would you like to work with like-minded people who collaborate closely to realize a self-sufficient society? Is our vision also your ideal? Join our team.

Who we are?

All partners of Amoria are conscious (private) investors who want to contribute to the improvement of the world by developing new structures. 

Walter van Gastel
Erwin van Osta