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Linya is the perfect place for a healthy, happy, and abundant life with the richness of nature, social wealth (with like-minded people), and the luxury of comfort. 

Mountains, the lake Sant Ponç, forests and open landscapes. Surrounded by nature, nearby facilities. Everything you and your family need to live happily (or enjoy staying), will be provided. 

4 types of homes, something for everyone

Linya is divided into several zones. There will be 3 areas with houses. More about Linya

Detail Jardi de Els Àngels | Area Linya development plan | area with tiny houses and villas, surrounded bij greenery and a swimming pool in the center.

Jardi de Els Angels | Area Linya

There are 2 types of houses in this area: tiny houses in an abundant way (60 m2) and spacious villas with a stunning view (210 m2).

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Detail Country houses with common garden and swimming pools | Jardi de lead Estrelles | Area Linya | Development plan Linya | AMORIA

Jardi de Les Estrelles | Area Linya

This area consists of country houses of 100 m2 each. It has a large communal green area and several swimming pools.

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Detail Plots for villas of 200 m2 and 400 m2 | Area Jardi de Shambhala | Development plan Linya | AMORIA

Jardi de Shambhala | Area Linya

This is the most luxurious area of Linya. It consists of large plots with houses up to 350 m2. Or bigger if you combine 2 plots.

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Style of the houses

  • The style of the houses corresponds to the style prevalent in this area. 
  • The photos give an indication of the style we have in mind for the different homes and the facilities. 
  • The final designs of the houses will be available soon.

About your new home

The tiny houses, country houses, and spacious villas have a fixed design and layout. The 350 m2 villas or bigger have a fixed style on the outside but are free to be designed according to your own taste and creativity on the inside. 

Tiny houses in an abundant way

  • Living area: 60 m2, all on one level
  • Number of bedrooms: 2
  • Plot area: 400 m2, own garden 
  • Communal greenery & pool
  • Ideal for couples 

Country houses for pure relaxation

  • Living area: 100 m2, first and second floor
  • Number of bedrooms: 3
  • Private terrace, 
  • Large communal greenery & pools
  • Perfect as vacation home, second home, or investment

Spacious villas with a stunning view

  • Living area: 210 m2, basement, first and second floor
  • Number of rooms: 3 bedrooms, 1 hobby room and a large garage
  • 2 charming verandas
  • Plot area: 800 m2, own garden
  • Communal greenery & pool

Self designed luxury villas

  • Living area: 350 m2, basement, first and second floor
  • Plot area 800 m2
  • The possibility to combine two plots and create a bigger mansion

Is our valley your dream come true?

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Overview projects

We have a vision for a better world and a unique concept that includes all elements for a self-sufficient society. We want to create a blueprint for the new way of life and conscious economy with respect for each other, nature, and the environment. 

Our vision

Blue zone Linya | Energetic values | All the energy points for a happy healthy and abundant life

Our vision: Revive the power of your nature

Our vision ‘Revive the power of your nature’ consists of 6 pillars. All the projects are related to one or more of the pillars.

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All the projects are related to one or more of the 6 pillars of our vision: revive the power of your nature.