Partnerschap of joint venture

Partnership or joint venture | Are you one of the visionaries who understand the impact of these projects and want to have an influence on the future of our collective consciousness? Be one of the new leaders the world needs. Join us. Participate.

Partnerschappen en joint ventures: bent u ervan overtuigd dat uw bedrijf precies heeft wat wij nodig hebben? Neem contact op.

Investeren in huizen

Investeren in huizen | Spanje | Leuke en veilige plaats

Houses are a safe investment. Especially, in a health-enhancing location, such as Linya. It’s the most valuable thing someone can possess.

Koop crypto utility tokens en NFT's

Koop crypto utility tokens en NFTs | Gesteund door water en onroerend goed | AMORIA

Onze crypto utility token is de enige ter wereld die zal worden ondersteund door een fysiek product, het nieuwe goud: water. Koop nu uw tokens.

Invest in all projects: certificates on shares

Investeer in alle projecten: Certificaten op aandelen | AMORIA STARS

Invest in all projects: certificates on shares AMORIA STARS has a capital of € 600.000 and a contributed value of € 7,5 million. It consists of 100,000 shares. We are now issuing non-voting certificates and NFTs for 44,000 shares. You can buy these for €2,000 each. With these you will participate in and receive profits […]

Aandelen kopen van 1 specifiek AMORIA-project

Aandelen kopen van 1 specifiek AMORIA-project

Buy shares of 1 specific AMORIA project We have a vision for a better world and a unique concept that contains all the elements for a self-sufficient society. In order to realize this, we have several projects within AMORIA. From real estate (houses and buildings for facilities) to operating, bottling and distributing water. If you […]