Miracle of Linya

The biggest fire in the history of Catalunia: 3 days of fire, 18 firefighting planes, and 3 helicopters take water from the nearby lake to extinguish, eventually burning down 3,000 hectares. Magically, Linya is saved. Read how.

There is a fire

It is a very hot August in 1999 when I (Frank) get a call that a fire is raging in the region. I myself was in the Costa Brava at the time for my 2 other real estate projects. After several more phone calls back and forth, it becomes clear to me that it is serious. I jump in my car and race to Linya.

Try to save what needs to be preserved

When I arrive, there are firefighters on my property. They tell me that the fire is headed toward Linya and that they will try to save the church, but they will let the rest burn down. They advise me to go into the church to quickly grab what needs to be preserved and put it in my car.

Swiftly I run into the church and look around. What in God’s name should I bring? And then I see the statue of Maria (Madonna) standing there. I go to it, wrap my arms around it and take it outside.

The power of meditation

I run with the statue beyond my car into the field and start meditating. After my meditation, I put the statue of Maria (Madonna) facing the fire in the field. I walk back to the firefighters and people from the area who have gathered. At a point I notice that the fire stays away for a long time. The firefighters go to see what is going on. Soon comes the redeeming message that the wind has turned. 50 meters before the fire was to devastate Linya, the wind has turned and every tree on the property has been spared. A miracle.

Statue of Maria (Madonna) gets place of honor

Days later, I sat in a restaurant and told someone the story. It turned out there was also a journalist who had heard everything. It was in the newspaper and the whole village was talking about it. Even the mayor stopped by. Then we made the agreement that the statue of Maria (Madonna) would be placed in the botanical garden and that local residents would have free access to that garden.