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Sales manager crypto & NFT

A new economy with respect for people, nature and the environment also includes a new form of payment. We are developing our own currencies, utility tokens and NFTs. On the one hand to be used in our own (yet to be built) self-sufficient community. On the other hand to launch a new crypto concept linking it to the physical product water; the new gold because of the increasing shortages of safe drinking water.

In this position, you will be part of the core team. The core team consists of an international group of specialists who are among the best in their fields. The core team collaborates in an innovative way, in which personal responsibility, autonomy and quality are core values. In line with our vision: Revive the power of your nature.

“As a Sales manager, your job is not to generate revenue. It is to get our product into the hands of customers who will be happy with it. Revenue is a consequence of that.” Sales culture aligns with our vision and the economy we envision.

Job description

What, where, when?

  • Site work: Remote, Housing in Linya (Spain) is negotiable 
  • Starting date: January 1, 2023
  • Number of hours per week: full time
  • Monthly salary: to be agreed upon

For who?

Are you a financial- economical visionary with innovative ideas who wants to contribute to creating a new world with new economic structures? It’s a perfect match.

The work includes:

  • Responsible for the development of the business case and sales strategy
  • In collaboration with the technical team, develop the required functionalities (plaza, wallet, payment app, etc.)
  • Full operational and strategic management of functionalities and user support
  • Establish a crypto & NFT community and drive business growth through these channels
  • Creating reports based on key performance KPIs, optimizing sales performance, activities and campaigns

Basic qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience
  • 5+ years of experience in crypto/NFT business development
  • Possess a broad network in the Crypto/NFT industry
  • Understanding of NFTs, blockchain technology, smart contracts, DeFi, and tokenomics
  • Experience building and executing a structured sales process
  • Strong written and verbal communication and collaboration skills, fluency in Spanish/Catalan and English
  • Excellent analytical, problem-solving and decision-making skills


AMORIA STARS is the mother of the AMORIA family. AMORIA STARS participates in AMORIA’s various projects. Together, these projects include all the elements for a self-sufficient society.

La nostra visió: Reviu el poder de la teva naturalesa

La nostra visió per a un món millor consta de 6 pilars

  1. Reviure: aconseguir una nova vida
  2. El poder de la natura: lloc de promoció de la salut (natura, línies, aigua i muntanyes)
  3. El poder de tu: llibertat, autonomia, utilitzant les pròpies forces
  4. Reviu el teu poder: desenvolupament personal; cos, ment i ànima
  5. Reviu el poder de la teva naturalesa: activació capacitat d'autocuració
  6. La teva naturalesa: tornar a la teva pròpia naturalesa; la teva essència

Com a resultat: Viver (bon vivant): Gaudiment agradable i deliciós de l'abundància que ofereix la vida.

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