Invest in houses

Real estate is and always will be a safe investment. Especially, a property in a health-enhancing natural location, such as Linya. Combine that with all the facilities for an abundant life and it is going to be the most valuable thing someone can possess.

Why Linya?

Linya is the perfect place for a healthy, happy and abundant life with the richness of nature, social wealth (with like-minded people) and the luxury of comfort.

Worldwide, there are very few projects that fully provide everything a family needs to live a healthy and happy life. While that is exactly what conscious people are looking for.

Linya is a unique location with an energetic worldwide reach: because of the ley line (one of the most important on earth) and the wells with water in its original structure that contains ancient information.

Change of living concept

In recent years, the concept of living in the world has changed significantly. Because of all the restrictions, such as lockdowns and working from home, many people have changed their living requirements. They now value other things, like living with like-minded people and acquiring properties that are self-sufficient. They even emigrate for more freedom, peace and space.

Safe investment

If you want a safe and nice place for you and your family, Linya is the place to be. If you want to buy one or more houses solely for rental purposes: we also intend to offer services to support you in this. Such as a rental service, guidance from the hotel reception upon arrival and departure of tenants, etc.