Invest in all projects: certificates on shares

AMORIA STARS has a capital of € 600.000 and a contributed value of € 7,5 million. It consists of 100,000 shares. We are now issuing non-voting certificates and NFTs for 44,000 shares. You can buy these for €2,000 each. With these you will participate in and receive profits from all projects.

What are certificates on shares?

Legally, depositary receipts for shares confer the same rights and obligations as traditional shares. The difference is that they are transferable without the intervention of a notary. This saves time and money.

Why invest in all projects? 

AMORIA STARS participates in all projects to ensure that all the necessary elements for a self-sufficient society are actually realized as intended. The projects have different risk profiles, expected profit percentages, and lead times. This also diversifies the risk for investors. 

How does it work?

You digitally purchase the number of certificates you want. You will receive confirmation of your purchase and the corresponding certificates by mail (or by post if you prefer). Once a year there is a certificate holders meeting in Linya (online participation is possible). You will also periodically receive an overview of the results achieved and expected profits. 

Download presentation

Please fill out the form and we will send you the presentation with an overview of the projects, business cases, and of course your investment opportunity.