Educació i inspiració

Educació i inspiració | La nostra zona blava es converteix en el plànol | Eduquem els nostres fills i ensenyem als que volen aprendre sobre Viver (bon vivant): gaudir de l'abundància de la vida. | AMÒRIA

We educate our children and teach those who are willing to learn about Viver (epicurean): delightfully enjoying the abundance of life.

Utilitats pròpies

A Linya disposem de serveis propis: aigua, energia solar, internet de fibra òptica i gas.

Water, energy, internet and gas: we have our own utilities. Everything we need for a self-sufficient society.

School | Facilities Linya

Detail School and convention center | Facilities Linya | Development plan Linya | AMORIA

Are you the perfect personality to develop a school concept where children truly learn what they require in their lives? Join us.

Stores | Facilities Linya

Detail Shops | Facilities Linya | Development plan Linya | AMORIA

Stores with organic products from our own land and our local partners, and stores with products that fit our vision and lifestyle.