Buy crypto utility tokens and NFTs

We have permission for 300 million crypto utility tokens, accepted and regulated in Spain under the supervision of the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV). Our token is the world’s only one that will be backed up by a physical product, the new gold: water. We also have NFTs that enable you to purchase houses.

Why tied to physical products?

Now that existing cryptos and stocks have collapsed, there is even more of a demand for investments tied to physical products that matter. Given the world’s water shortage, water is the new gold. It’s even registered on Wall street. And real estate is and always will be a safe investment. Especially, a property in a health-enhancing natural location, such as Linya. Combine that with all the facilities for an abundant life and it is going to be the most valuable thing someone can possess.

Utility tokens: the water

We are specialised in land exploration with underground rivers and construction of wells. As you can see in our other projects: we already have 8 wells that will supply our own village of Linya and can produce over 700 million liters of the best alkaline water per year for bottling.

We are now in negotiations to distribute the water globally, so we can give this as a guarantee: whatever happens to the global water supply; you can always exchange your tokens for our bottles of pure and safe drinking water.

Future expansion: use the utility tokens in Linya’s internal economy. For example, to enjoy a hotel night, a wellness experience at the beauty and health center, or purchases at the stores.

NFTs: houses

AMORIA STARS consists of 100.000 shares. We are now issuing non-voting certificates and NFTs for 44.000 shares. With the NFTs you can buy your house in Linya.