Alkaline water from our own water wells

Worldwide, there is a growing shortage of fresh water. There is a growing demand for clean and safe drinking water; water is the new gold. We have 8 water wells in Linya. 

Linya next to Panta de Sant Ponc

Safe drinking water from our own wells

Our water wells produce alkaline water in its original structure. Water well 1 t/m 6 will be used for exploitation within Linya. In our blue zone: all homes and facilities will be connected to the water wells and receive clean and safe drinking water from the tap. 

Over 700 million liters per year for botteling

Water well 7 and 8 can produce more than 700 million liters of the best alkaline water per year. (Water well 8 is under construction and needs to be completed.)

Bottling factory & filling station

Linya is located between Andorra and Barcelona (1.5 hours drive), in the low mountains, easily accessible by trucks. We have an option on 2 plots of land nearby Linya. It is located next to the public road with a good connection to through roads.  In short, the perfect place for a bottling plant & filling station.

More information about the water wells

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